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Innovation in Integration

Motivo is a nimble, creative engineering company focused on mechanical and electrical system design and prototype builds with an emphasis on integrated electro-mechanical systems. Motivo develops products and prototypes in diverse market segments including automotive, defense, robotics and clean energy.

Motivo specializes in taking concepts and designs through the conceptual and detail engineering phases, solving complex engineering challenges along the way and in transitioning the initial concept/idea to a fully engineered solution.

Motivo also designs, develops and builds advanced technology applications including industrial electro-mechanical solutions, motion systems, battery systems, advanced controls & custom electronics and controllers (ECUs).

Project Showcase

  • Electric Drivetrain with 300kW Motor
  • 48V Modular Battery Backup System
  • Telematics for EV Fleet
  • 1MW Grid Storage Battery System
  • Solar Lighting System for Shelters
  • Bio-Medical Devices
  • Micro Grids & Smart Grids
  • Drivetrain Control System for EV
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Personal Mobility


  • High Performance Electric/Hybrid Drivetrain
  • Custom Battery System and Energy Storage Design
  • Advanced Controls
  • Mechanical Product Design
  • Telematics & Data Acquisition
  • Custom Electronics & Controllers (ECUís)
  • Motion & Kinematic Systems
  • Vehicle Design, Development and Prototyping

Join Us

Are you a hands-on person with a passion for solving complex engineering problems?

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